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Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D Printer

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Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D Printer

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Achieve complex designs and improved 3D print performance with the Ultimaker 3, thanks to its unique auto-nozzle lifting system,
dual extrusion, professional build and support material combinations, and swappable print cores. Ultimaker 3 & Extended The dual extrusion lets you combine build and water-soluble support materials to create complex mechanical parts and intricate surfaces or choose to print with two colours. Ultimaker 3s unique auto nozzle-lifting system ensures a smooth, professional finish with every print. Swappable print cores for higher uptime and easier maintenance. Your Ultimaker 3 comes with print cores for build (AA) and support (BB) materials. Theres a customised nozzle geometry per material and LED status indicators ensuring lower clogging risks and a more reliable 3D printing experience. Ultimaker 3 has a powerful, low-noise fan system for an improved airflow. This ensures better cooling, high quality bridging, faster print runs and smooth print surfaces. Extensively tested preconfigured Cura profiles automatically adjust the necessary settings for each material and print core. Built-in material recognition system detects and identifies the Ultimaker material on the reel holder and checks the correspondence of a filament and print core type being used. The EEPROM chip in the print core memorises the size and type of your nozzle, notifies you in case of misuse and, as a result, helps achieve higher print success rates. Print from a USB stick or send your file via Wi-Fi or LAN.Live camera to monitor every stage of your 3D printing project remotely by simply connecting to your Ultimaker 3s Wi-Fi network. Active levelling feature provides more accurate bed levelling and improved build plate adhesion.