Dragster Belt Set of 10 Kits


Dragster Belt Set of 10 Kits

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A dragster kit that allows multiple choices for transmission and student development. It promotes a strong collective commitment to making and testing an identical chassis. The kit ensures students can create their own original dragsters.

Requires 3 AA batteries (250-436). Batteries not included. See Electronics section.
Dimensions depending on configuration, expanded PVC frame 6 x 40 x 200mm.
Includes a variety of parts including wheels and pulleys of different diameters. Excludes the material for the body, allowing students to develop their own from a chosen material. Features:
Belt driven with the option of three pulley diameters Choice of four different diameter rear wheels Demountable wheel to highlight slip/traction Front axle configured in different ways to search for the best straight-line guidance Multiple configurations for the body cover, depending on student preference