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C R Clarke Schred R30 Plastic Sheet Making Press

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C R Clarke Schred R30 Plastic Sheet Making Press

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Schred is an in-school recycling system. This equipment is suitable for use with most types of commonly used plastic such as HDPE and LDPE (the material that most milk bottles are made from). The shredded material is sprinkled onto a moulding tray. This is then loaded into the heat press, and pressure is applied. This softens the material and fuses the granules together. The finished sheet is not as homogenized as, for example, a commercially moulded part, but is perfect for low-stress applications.
The R30 press can form sheets up to 458 x 305mm in size. One frame is supplied with the machine to make a sheet 458 x 254mm, other sizes are available to order.The process works as follows: Wash out your old cartons Shred them in the R25 Schredder, reducing their volume by 95% and creating a usable material At this stage, you can choose to put the waste for normal recycling, or to re-use it within the school, in either of two ways: Use it directly in the CR Clarke 25 Injection Moulding Machine Heat it on a mould-plate in a CR Clarke 200FD Oven, and then roll it into a new sheet using the R30 Sheet Press