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C R Clarke Model 25 Injection Moulder

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C R Clarke Model 25 Injection Moulder

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Provides a clear demonstration of the principles of injection moulding. This machine features a temperature controlled heating barrel, rack and pinion injection ram, over centre mould closing, automatic moulding ejection and is supplied with a wheel mould (flat upper & shaped lower mould) and 2kg of red polystyrene granules.
To operate the machine, plastic granules are loaded into the heating barrel. After a short pre-heat time, the plastic is ready to inject. The mould is closed and the injection ram lowered. This action automatically opens a valve in the injection nozzle and the plastic is injected.
Once the mould is full the ram is retracted. The heating barrel rises on its return springs, closing the valve. After cooling the mould is opened and the moulding is ejected by pins in the mould cavity.
Requires permanent fixing or bolting down.
Safe and easy to use. Wash out your old cartons Shred them in the R25 Schredder, reducing their volume by 95% and creating a usable material At this stage, you can choose to put the waste for normal recycling, or to re-use it within the school, in either of two ways: Use it directly in the CR Clarke 25 Injection Moulding Machine Heat it on a mould-plate in a CR Clarke 200FD Oven, and then roll it into a new sheet using the R30 Sheet Press