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BOFA T1 Soldering Fume Extraction Hepa/Chemical Filter

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BOFA T1 Soldering Fume Extraction Hepa/Chemical Filter


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Two units that have been designed primarily to extract the fumes generated during hand soldering in the electronics industry. These portable systems come complete with extraction arms and installation kit that contain everything required to set up one or two operators with ease. Minimal installation allows the units to be moved with the work bench when workshop layouts need changing due to production challenges. These low noise level and fully comprehensive filtration units are ideal for the D&T classroom.
Unique flip top flush sealing mounting plate
Granulated Carbon Gas Filter
Filter Blocked Indicator
99.997% HEPA Filtration
These high vacuum units are designed to extract and filter fumes and debris through small bore hoses and attachments. Ideally suited for soldering iron tip extraction, vac pens, flexi fume arms and any application requiring close proximity, micro extraction.
Compact design
High vacuum pumps
Low noise level
3 stage filtration